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as many details as we can. we are trying to do that with as much respect for those in mourning and for that community as possible. it is impossible to fathom what the people of newtown are going through and in particular the parents and the siblings and the family members of the children whose little lives were taken today. so many lives lost and so many more lives forever changed. friends and neighbors even complete strangers have gathered and continue to at this hour to hold one another and cry and pray and to remember. this a vigil at a local church. jason carroll joins us now. you have been outside. what are people saying to you? what has the mead been like? >> reporter: here at st. rose lima church, the people and the hundreds who are gathered outside simply because there wasn't enough room inside the church. they are stunned. no other word for it. they are stunned and hurt. they are here because they are leaning on each other for support. when you are hurt so badly like this, you turn to your loved ones and family and in some cases you turn to your faith. that's what's ha
her. we are mourning our loss, sharing our beautiful memories we have of her, trying to help her brother travis understand why he can't play with his best friend. we are devastated. two more little children laid to rest. one thing that we've been doing here is really trying to keep focus on the lives that have been lost. we're not focusing on the killer, he's gone, and frankly, we don't want him to be remembered. certainly not by name. we tried to be careful of what the families are going through. after sunday night's program, we got a call from the mcdonnell family. 7-year-old grace mcdonnell's family. i spoke with grace's parents chris and lynn at length. they told me who grace was. the light of their family. a little girl who loved school, her brother jack. a talented artist that lived life to the fullest. made the most of every day. i was amazed the strength that grace's parents showed, they say it's grace who is guiding them through these difficult days. here's our conversation. tonight, we honor grace, we will remember her. what do you want people to know about grace? >> we
, tomorrow it's going to mean an official statewide area of mourning. >>> jesse lewis couldn't wait to get to school that friday. he was excited for the holidays and his dad was going to join him in the class that afternoon to make begin injury bread houses. he was 6 years old. smart, passionate beyond his years, his dad thought jesse could concur the world. he died trying to lead others to safety after hearing gunshots in the hallway. that's how he led his life, his parents say, fearless, courage, and strength. jesse loves animals and was learning to ride horses. his favorite toy was a little soldier. almost every night of his life, jesse slept in his mother's arms. his family writes, the picture that remains etched in our souls is his in his boots, ripped jeans and t-shirt, chomping through the pasture on his way from one adventure to another. catherine hubbard was known for the bright red hair and her smile. she, too, was 6 years old. every single christmas she asked santa to bring her a pet. even as baby she asked santa to bring her two fish. she would give others animals for gift. she
-- you guys are so strong. >> our sister wouldn't want us to be mourning. she would want us celebrating her life. >> celebrate it. uh-huh. >> we said that, even going to the wake. our cousins were saying, should we wear black? and my mom is, no. >> no, she wouldn't want you to wear black. >> no. wear green, wear purple, where what you want. wear a color. wear a color and we did. >> you wear it well. >> thank you. i've worn more green in the last few days than anything. >> there are moments where we are all crying and there are a lot of times that we are able to laugh and smile and still be cheerful with each other and, you know, talk about all of the memories that we have with our sister because there's a lot of them. we're fortunate to have so many. >> we crash and we have our moments and we just lay down and cry and, you know, we hold each other and we, you know, just -- but we have to celebrate her life. and my daughter carlee said, we're not going to keep her room a shrine. and i said, absolutely not. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >>> we have a lot more ahead tonight, includ
a huge issue in society because we go from a cycle of death, grief and mourning, and then there is this numbness that sets in and then there is sort of this complacency because the next cycle of news comes, and i understand that. it is human nature. we don't want to remember how bad life can get. we don't want to remember that. how could we live if we did every day think of that? it can get that bad. i didn't think it was going to happen to my family, but it did, and it can happen to others. if there is a way for that risk to be minimized, whatever the answer is, i am not sure yet. i haven't wrapped my head around it yet. i certainly am no states woman, i don't have the answers, but maybe one day they will come to somebody. i hope so. >> where do you find the strength? you spoke at noah's funeral, and so many mothers and fathers have spoken at their children's funerals. >> i don't think that source comes from within us. i think it comes through us from our children. they wanted to know. they were here. they mattered. they all had families. they mattered. so did a
at >>> welcome back tonight. millions of jenni rivera's fans are mourning her death in a plane crash. her family reeling from the scene. seven people were onboard the learjet. no survivors. it's not yet known what caused the plane to go down. fans admired her not only for her strength but her powerful voice. her album helped put rivera on the map, and some believe her legacy could eclipse that of selena's. singer jenni rivera was a household name to millions in the u.s. and mexico. she released her first album in 1999 and her popularity exploded. she went on to sell more than 15 million records, making her one of the most popular latin artists in the past two decades. she recently won two billboard music awards and was nominated for several latin grammy awards. magazine people in espanol named her to the list of 25 most powerful women. known as the diva, her audience was drawn to her powerhouse spanish language performances of ballads. speaking of the senate foor today, senator marco rubio said rivera was a real american success story. >> she was a singer in a genre
now is mourning. we're sad. i think -- i think down the road, we'll definitely be stronger. you know we have to be stronger. >>> good evening, everyone. we are live once again tonight from newtown, connecticut, a community struggling with grief, reaching out to one another for comfort, beginning the long, long process of saying goodbye to so many young lives cut far too short. makeshift memorials we mind the people of this community that they're not alone in their grief. people stop by to leave candles and flowers, teddy bears, notes of comfort. it's a daunting concept, the idea of trying somehow to move on without the 20 six and 7-year olds. trying to move on without the adults that were also killed at sandy hook elementary school. moving on may not be possible for oolong time, if ever. it's not clear when the students in sandy hook will return to class, but when they do, it will be in a different building, in a different school in a neighboring town. everything is different now. everythingment. for the families here, this week is about trying to find a way to say goodbye, and to ho
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23 (some duplicates have been removed)